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The Following Members Were Elected to Our Board for the Year 2012-2013:

President: Andy McClintock

First Vice President: Marschall C. Hunt, Jr.

Second Vice President: Kathy Lang

Treasurer: Susan Lauf

Secretary: Jackie Lett Brown

Membership: Michael D. Ross

Advisor: Cedric W. Vogel

Members -at-Large

Art Hatcher

Eileen Knollman

John La Freniere

George Ann Wesner

Jim Young


Books as Envoys: Eileen Knollman

Communications & Publicity: Dan Andriacco

Page Scholar: Stephen and Suzanne Schweller

Reservations: Marilyn Sloan

Shakespeare Competition: Bob Amott and Janice Flanagan

Travel Study Grant: John La Freniere



1972-1975 Mr. Thomas R. Galloway
1975-1977 Mrs. Marshall C. Hunt, Jr.
1977-1979 Mr. John R. Sunnenberg *
1979-1981 Mr. Cedric W. Vogel
1981-1983 Mr. William S. Helton, Jr.
1983-1985 Mr. Ethan B. Stanley, II
1985-1987 Mrs. Charles G. Puchta *
1987-1989 Mr. John M. Anderson *
1989-1991 Mrs. Harold L. Holmes*
1991-1993 Mr. Vernon L. Corbin
1993-1994 Dr. Frank Welsh
1994-1996 Dr. Robert A. Kemper
1996-1998 Mrs. Jackson L. Clagett III
1998-2000 Mr. Stephen G. Schweller
2000-2002 Mr. William G. Rhoads
2002-2005 Ms. Eileen K. Knollman
2005 - 2007 Dolly Kohls
2007-2008 Terry Grundy
2008-2011 Ms. Nancy Eckert-Bove
2011-2012 Ms. Karlee Hillard
2012-2014 Andrew F. McClintock

* Deceased

OVERSEAS SISTER BRANCH - Auckland, New Zealand

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