The Cincinnati Branch, which was founded in 1927, advances the purpose of the English-Speaking Union through an agenda of informative meetings and educational projects. Meetings range from black tie dinners to informal brunches, featuring distinguished speakers and engaging topics. While many speakers come from Great Britain and the Commonwealth, the roster includes excellent programs and performers from the local community as well. Currently the Cincinnati Branch undertakes the following education programs:

TRAVEL-STUDY GRANT--The Branch's Travel-Study Grant is designed to assist worthy individuals who are active in the fields of Liberal, Fine or Applied Arts or the Humanities, and wish to study or conduct research either in the United States or in one of the countries of the British Commonwealth. The annual competition for the $2,000 Travel-Study Grant is open to qualified undergraduate and post-graduate students, faculty, and others involved in academic pursuits, stressing need, level of excellence, and appropriateness to ESU goals.

SHAKESPEARE COMPETITION--The Branch sponsors a competition for Greater Cincinnati high school students. It is designed to help the students develop their language and public speaking skills through the memorization and interpretation of a monologue and sonnet. It also provides teachers with the means to stimulate interest in Shakespeare and students with an additional incentive to study literature. The winner of our competition receives a $1000 prize and competes in the ESU's national competition in New York. Awards for the second and third place finalists are $500 and $250 respectively. The teachers for the top three finalists also receive an award of $400, $200 and $150 respectively. Copies of The Riverside Shakespeare are awarded to the fourth and fifth place finalists.

WALTER HINES PAGE SCHOLARSHIP--These scholarships are one of the original ESU programs. They promote the exchange of educational ideas by bringing British scholars to the U.S. to study practices and developments in American education relevant to their own specialized fields. The Branch's participation in the program involves each year hosting a Page Scholar for a few days and arranging meetings and activities for the scholar.

BOOKS AS ENVOYS PROGRAM--This is a ESU program whereby selected books indicative of American life and mores are sent to ESU Branches in other countries for placement in an education facility. The Cincinnati Branch finances the sending of books to its "twin Branch" in Auckland, New Zealand.


1976 Janet Steinberg & Karl L. Wentersdorf
1977 Robert Paul Clarke
1978 Gabrielle Fox & Joan Luebering
1979 Winchester Catherdral Choir
1980 Patricia Trefzger Overbeck
1981 Terry T. Morehouse
1982 (Scholarship Not Used)
1983 The Rev. Fr. Joseph W. Goetz
1984 Daniel E. Mader
1985 Cynthia Chermely & Nancy B. Clark
1986 Patrick J. Nugent, Joseph H. Wessling, Sharon A. Huge
1987 Laura Hunt Daver, John R. Perkins
1988 William E. Fahey
1989 George R. Fox
1990 Nancy B. Clark
1991 Phillip D. Crabtree
1992 Andrew W. Cole
1993 Chandrika Paul
1994 Michael J. Harper
1995 Todd Larson
1996 Mrs. Margaret Hill
1997 Dr. Keith Barton
1998 Jeffrey Williams, Marsha L. Dutton
1999 James MacGreagor
2000 Jane Alden Stebens
2001 Haimanti Roy
2002 Theodore Petro
2003 John T. McNay, Ran Jan Ramnath


1987 Michael Lawrence (Seven Hills School)
1988 Helen Bean (Withrow High School)
1989 Carolyn Carter (Aiken High School)
1990 Kara Riemann (SCPA)
1991 Juliette Storace (Ursuline Academy)
1992 Amir Miodovnik (Indian Hill High School)
1993 Dana Green (Talawanda High School)
1994 Christopher Roos (SCPA)
1995 Rebecca Honig (Cincinnati Country Day)
1996 Elizabeth Willaman (Highland High School)
1997 Maureen Doherty (Mother of Mercy)
1998 Sarah Fischer (Walnut Hills)
1999 Michael Sherman (Walnut Hills)
2000 Michael Sherman (Walnut Hills)
2001 Jennifer Hoguet (Walnut Hills)
2002 Carolyn Craighead (Holmes High School )
2003 Jessica Rothert (SCPA)