ESU-Cincinnati Christmas Party -2002

Dolly and John Kohls Hostess and Host
Bob Amott and Bob and Jean Nieman
Wilma Schroeder and Lucy Rooney
Roger and Suzanne Losekamp
Janice Flanagan, Jane Anderson and Margaret Whiting
Ed Doran, Nancy Clagett and John Kohls
Linnea Woodword, Frank & Rosemary Welsh with Norbert Nadel

Joyce Holmes, Rick Vogel
and Lucy Rooney

Janice Flanagan and Bill Rhoads
Elaine and Harold Haefer
Dolly Kohls, Nancy Steman and Margaret Whiting
John and Dolly Kohls with Drew Hauck, Pianist for the evening
Eileen Knollman with Ruth and Bob Wigor
Robert Kemper, Wilma Schroeder and Bill Phelan
After Dinner……A Holiday Song Fest

Thanks to Margaret Whiting for this report!