And the Winners of the 2018 Cincinnati Branch

Shakespeare Competition are...

First Place: Isabella Siska, School for Creative/Performing Arts

Second Place: Declan Robison, Walnut Hills High School

Third Place: Hailey Mauk, Anderson High School

Finalists - Not Ranked

Emma Horn, Simon Kenton High School

Emily Parsons, Mother of Mercy High School

Ellie White, McNicholas High School

The 2018 Competition Poster


2017 Competition Results

First Place: Cassie Duker - Mother of Mercy High School

Second Place: Sam Kerns - School for Creative/Performing Arts

Third Place: Malerie Jump - Anderson High School

Finalists - Not Ranked

Rachel Baker - Simon Kenton High School

Courtney Blythe - Campbell County High School

Emma Duerstock - Notre Dame Academy

Secial thanks to:
All the teachers and students
All our judges
Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park
The Cincinnati Shakespeare Company
Visual Digital Solutions, LLC
Thomas Lee

The Volunteers of the Cincinnati Branch - ESU


Welcome to the Cincinnati Branch of the English-Speaking Union's annual Shakespeare Competition.


As mentioned last month, we are sorry to say that our local branch of the English-Speaking Union will not participate in the 2019 ESU Shakespeare Competition this year. BUT! it appears that the National ESU is working on a way that schools that do not have a sponsoring local chapter for the competition can still compete. We assume further information, once formalized will be available at the National ESU Shakespeare website -- So for this year please check their website for all the information you need. We hope to have exciting news next year about the Cincinnati Branch Competition coming back. More info as it comes available. Bob & Janice