The Cincinnati Branch of the English - Speaking Union
Offers a Travel Study Grant

The English Speaking Union of the United States each year sponsors a travel grant for study or research providing a stipend of up to $2,000.

This competition is open to qualified under-graduate and post-graduate students, faculty, and others involved in academic pursuits that are in accord with the goal of the English Speaking Union of promoting education and understanding among the English speaking peoples of the world.

The grant is designed to assist worthy individuals who are active in the fields of Business, the Humanities, Science and Engineering, Liberal, Fine or Applied Arts and who wish to study or conduct research either in the United States or in one of the countries of the British Commonwealth.

Application forms are available at your Department or Financial Aid Office or by downloading the application from this web site (Click Here for PDF file)*.

Applicants should give special attention to their study or research proposals, with a full-but concise-description.

Please send applications to Mr. John E. LaFreniere ESU Scholarship Chairman P.O. Box 42350 Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

Deadline for applications is January 31

For More Information please mail questions to: Mr. John E. LaFreniere ESU Scholarship Chairman P.O. Box 42350 Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

Applications should be sent to:

Mr. John E. LaFreniere ESU
Scholarship Chairman
P.O. Box 42350
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242



Travel Study Grant 2004 Winner

Shaun is presented with a check for $2000 from the Travel Study Grant chairman, John LaFrenier.

The Travel Study Grant award was presented to the 2004 winner, Shaun Howard, at the ESU June meeting held at the Kenwood Country Club. Shaun is in the process of obtaining his masters in chemical engineering at UC. His current study involves the development of membranes for biological application. He gave an excellent power point presentation making a complex subject seem almost simple and understandable. He will use the grant to travel to Australia where he will continue his investigations of membranes at the Australian National University in Canberra.


2003 Winners

The 2003 winners were selected by a committee composed of John LaFreniere, chair of the Study Grant Program, Dr. Ernest and Dr. Marjorie Muntz, Sarah-Theresa Murakami, Kathy Luttmer and Father Christopher Armstrong. The committee made the decision to split the $2000 award between two equally deserving individuals from the University of Cincinnati, Professor John McNay, and Graduate Student Ran Jan Ramnath.

Professor McNay traveled to London and continued researching Dean Acheson's work with his British counterparts during World War II. Ran Jan Ramnath visited Johannesburg, South Africa where he studied the development and planning issues of that city and related them to similar problems currently facing Cincinnati.

John LaFreniere presented the awards at the ESU Sunday Brunch held at Coldstream Country Club on June 22.

In the photo below, ESU Member John LaFreniere congratulates Professor McNay, and Ran Jan Ramnath


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